Closet children is always open for customs.

Want something special tailored to your unique style? We're here to understand you and create something together. It would be our utmost privilege to create something extraordinary for someone dear to your heart or a momentous occasion that holds a special place in your life.

You're welcome to also request special colours for pieces in our permanent collection. We've some listings below for a simple customization process.

If you'd like to request something larger and different, please fill in this inquiry form.

For any other queries you might have please email

Right Image: Custom for Zoe

Customs FAQ

What is the process for commissioning a piece?

For an unlisted custom, you will be required to fill up a form. We want to get to know you and what you're looking for. Please read the terms on the form before submitting. We will have an initial consultation based on the form and from there you will receive a quote from us.

First Sketch

You will be provided with a first sketch before beginning on the actual piece. You can make up to 2 changes from here.


Only minor changes can be made during the process. What can be changed will be discussed between us and the customer.


Should your piece require fitting sessions, we will arrange appointments with you for a studio visit. Valid for Singapore customers only.


The payment is split into two payments: an initial deposit and final payment on completion. After the initial deposit is made, you will receive a first sketch where you can make up to 2 changes before we start on the actual piece.


After the final payment is made, your piece will be wrapped up and sent to you free of charge for Singapore customers from our studio. For international customs free shipping will be offered for above pieces above $250.

Additional Adjustments

Minor adjustments can be made for Singapore customers. Either send the piece back to us or make an appointment for a studio visit.

For international customers, you may send the piece back to us however you will have to bear the cost of shipping to and fro.

Left image: Custom for Lenne

What is your lead time?

It will take anything from 3 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on the scale of the piece. We appreciate your patience as we put in our 100% to make something unique that fits your style. Please note that the lead times below are just estimates. It will vary depending on the requests of each customer.


1-2 weeks


6-8 weeks


6-12 weeks

Right Image: Custom for Emily

Can I pay in instalments?

Singapore Customers

We accept Atome as it bills you in 3 monthly instalments. If you do not wish to use Atome, we are able to do Paynow in 3-4 separate invoices. Your item will not be shipped before the payments are completed if you choose Paynow.

International customers

For international customers without Atome, we are able to bill you in 3 monthly instalments via paypal. As it is not automatically charged to your credit card, we are unable to ship the piece before all payments are complete.

Left Image: Custom for Gladys