Rachael Cheong (b.1994) is a “dollmaker”. Dolls are about creating the new world, the life we only dared dream about. Looking at life from a distance, fantasizing about it in a suggestion of play—as serious as these adult toys were—instead of really living it, it seemed to be the closest we could get to the realization of our dreams. Closet Children is essentially the closeted darlings of our psyche waiting to get out. 

Rachael’s fashion-based practice under the name Closet Children is inspired by artificial bodies: anime girls, taxidermy animals, latex-clad gimps, antique dolls and mannequins--what they represent as empty vessels on their own and what they mean to us. As the “dollmaker” her creations tell stories of the dark side of human nature, the distortion of the familiar and comfortable. Combining her fascination with the gruesomeness of original fairytales, she creates custom one of a kind pieces for those who seek a dark fantasy. At Closet Children, darkness is deceptively colourful--the creation of a warped fantasy that juxtaposes “innocent”, non-threatening fabrics such as gingham and floral prints with disturbing concepts and romantic, kinky aesthetics. 


Rachael is also part of the creative duo AWKWARD PARTY

She currently lives and works in the Hague.